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Market report – March 2012

With spring hopefully just around the corner, there will be a gradual change in produce.


New season Cyprus potatoes and Spanish new potatoes start to replace the English main crop. English purple sprouting and indoor rhubarb start to become plentiful, as does sweet-heart cabbage again from English growers.


Focusing around the citrus fruits, Spanish lane late navels are still available and have a great flavour. Clementines and Satsumas are at their end now, being replaced by Nardacots and South American satsumas. Both are still full of juice and flavour.

We also see a shift towards South African fruits around spring time, notably apples and pears. English apples slowly start to be replaced by Cape produce, which is always of a very high quality.

We also see Spanish berries especially strawberries becoming plentiful and at very reasonable prices.


March sees the start of English cucumbers, raddish and indoor grown tomatoes. We also change over from spanish peppers to Belgian or Dutch varieties.

Fancy lettuces such as lollo rosso, oakleaf and endive are also starting to appear. Keep an eye out for English spring onions in the next few weeks.

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