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Market Report Summer 2013

After a long hard winter in England and Europe, produce has now started to become more plentiful. The cold weather has meant that we are at least 3-5 weeks behind in terms of produce being available in market.


Citrus fruit from Europe is almost finished, so oranges, lemons and satsumas are coming from the southern hemisphere. This is also the case for Apples. Peaches, Plums, Apricots and Cherries have all started and will feature until the end of August. Now is their season when you will taste them at their best.

English soft fruit such as Strawberries and Raspberries are now plentiful and are tasting better than ever.

Pakistani Mango with their intensely sweet flavour, and seedless Spanish watermelons are also now available.


New season Primo Cabbage and Potatoes have made a welcome return, as have New Carrots. Cyprus Potatoes take over from the old crop English Potatoes and are a very good all rounder. English New season Broccoli has also started.


English Peppers, Cucumbers and Tomatoes have all started to become abundant. Mixed lettuce, Radish and Spring Onion are now all in season. Make the most of the English salad days.

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