About Greengrocer's Choice

A Bit About Us

Greengrocer's Choice has built up over 40 years experience as green grocer's. We understand that in today's society it is often hard for people to find time to visit fresh markets to find the freshest produce at the lowest prices. So here we are bringing the market to you.

From the comfort of your home or office, we offer you the ability to discover all the produce you can get from a market and deliver it to your door.

With a hectic lifestyle now the norm, let us help you achieve your five-a-day in a way that not only saves you time, but is easy on the wallet too!

Wherever possible we use local suppliers and are constantly striving to increase our network of local suppliers. This not only helps to minimise the damage caused from sourcing products abroad in terms of the environment, but also helps support local farmers and businesses. Not only making us a company concerned with sustainability but also one concerned with the quality of the product sourced.

Our Mission

To provide market quality produce, at market prices. No fancy gimmicks, just the best quality fresh produce at the best prices.