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Seasonal News

With the rain still falling, some English produce is becoming hard to source.
Tender stem broccoli from Spain is good value as is English kale.
Cape plums are now in good supply as are oranges and all citrus fruit from Spain .
Nearly all salad is being imported but still of good quality.
We now have chestnut mushrooms available with there unique nutty flavour!

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Market Report October 2013

With the summer drawing to an end, we can now look forward to Autumnal fruit and vegetables.


English Onions, Cabbage, and Cauliflowers are all now in plentiful supply. English Leeks, Carrots and Parsnips are good value.


The end of the summer sees the end of the English salad season. Cucumbers, Lettuce and Tomatoes are coming in from Europe, but are still of a good quality.


As Nectarines, Peaches and stonefruits fade, they are replaced with English apples and Pears. Spanish Pommegranates and Sharon Fruit have now started.

Best Buys:

All English root crop Vegetables, Cauliflowers and Cabbages.

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Market Report Summer 2013

After a long hard winter in England and Europe, produce has now started to become more plentiful. The cold weather has meant that we are at least 3-5 weeks behind in terms of produce being available in market.


Citrus fruit from Europe is almost finished, so oranges, lemons and satsumas are coming from the southern hemisphere. This is also the case for Apples. Peaches, Plums, Apricots and Cherries have all started and will feature until the end of August. Now is their season when you will taste them at their best.

English soft fruit such as Strawberries and Raspberries are now plentiful and are tasting better than ever.

Pakistani Mango with their intensely sweet flavour, and seedless Spanish watermelons are also now available.


New season Primo Cabbage and Potatoes have made a welcome return, as have New Carrots. Cyprus Potatoes take over from the old crop English Potatoes and are a very good all rounder. English New season Broccoli has also started.


English Peppers, Cucumbers and Tomatoes have all started to become abundant. Mixed lettuce, Radish and Spring Onion are now all in season. Make the most of the English salad days.

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New Homepage

We have been working hard to improve our website. Our web designers at Bytewire have been working on our homepage to make it easier to get shopping for great fruit and vegetables. More improvements are on the way and we will keep you updated with the progress. In the meantime take a look and see what you think.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

The Greengrocer’s Choice Team

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Herb section added

We have added a dedicated herb section in the Kitchen Essentials part of the site. Big Bunches and always fresh.

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New Produce!

Greengrocer’s Choice are pleased to let you know that we have extended our product range to include free range eggs and delicious farm produced apple juices. Have a look at the kitchen essentials range for further details. We are also adding a fresh herb range later this week.

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Market Report January 2013

Hello From the team at Greengrocer’s Choice! Now we have got past all that bad weather it is time to start thinking about some great fruit and vegetables! Take a look below at the delicious produce available this season.


Even with all the wet weather we experienced recently, the quality and supply of vegetables is very good. Cauliflowers, cabbages and root vegetables; parsnips, carrots and swedes are all that their seasonal best. Celeriac is coming in plentiful and ideal for soups. Broccoli is also in good supply.


January sees the start of the South African fruit season from the Cape. Lychees, plums, apricots and nectarines are all of very good quality with plenty of taste.

Spanish Navels and clementines are now at their peak until the end of February. Italian Blood Oranges have also just started to arrive.

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Where we started

After a brief chat with some of our customers, we found that many did not know very much about where Greengrocer’s Choice originated from. So we will tell you!

Andrew Gardiner started trading in Barnet and Finchley markets over 30 years ago. In 2010, after 6 months of careful planning and developing a website with Simon Milton, Greengrocer’s Choice was launched. The idea is to bring the market to the home of the customer. All the produce delivered is the same great quality as found at the stalls, and at the same prices.

Some photos of the stalls below.

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Exciting Christmas menu!

We will be adding great new recipes to the website in the run up to Christmas. This will give you extra inspiration for what to do with all those left overs!

This week’s recipe is a beautiful Roast Parsnips dish, one of our favourites.

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More great produce added!!

They have finally arrived, again. Sharon Fruit are back in stock, and for this week only they are at a reduced price of 3 fruit for only £1.00!!!

We are also pleased to add chestnuts to the website. Perfect roasted on those cold winter evenings.

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